Urban Problems and solutions: The Case Study of London




A detailed case study of a range of urban problems in London, and the attempted solutions.

- High Income Country (UK)- LONDON-

1. Congestion- causes, impacts and solutions

2. Urban decline and Redevelopment- East End decline and regeneration through Canary Wharf and Olympic Park.

3. Decentralisation of retailing- The Bluewater Shopping Centre.


Resources are:

- FACE TO FACE READY- Word Document/PDF/PowerPoint- printable resources for delivery in the classroom.

- REMOTE READY- Suitable for online digital learning with links to Google Docs and Google Slides that can be directly posted onto Google Classroom. Students can use digital devices to work independently on the activities from home.


Bonus Materials:- Knowledge Organiser- Interactive assessments (Self-marking Google Form, Keyword Quizlet, Multiple Choice Quizizz)


Are your students struggling to write precisely and accurately about Geographical systems, processes, characteristics, and places? This resource aims to develop the knowledge and key terminology required for students to understand and write about their world. It includes step-by-step descriptions that are supported by diagrams. Questions and activities help students to build and consolidate their learning. A PowerPoint answer key allows you to work through the examples with the students.


This resource focuses on Urban problems and solutions. It includes diagrams, images, activities and answers.


This resource is broken down into sections if you prefer to purchase separately:

- Congestion in London

- Urban decline and regeneration in the East End of London

- Decentralisation of retail (Out of Town shopping centre)


What’s included:

• Word document worksheets that includes activities that introduce key terminology, helps students to identify a range of urban problems/solutions, 3 distinct case study sheets focused on congestion, urban decline and regeneration and out of town shopping centres.

•The word documents total 3 pages. The word documents are provided in colour and grayscale.

•This worksheets are also provided as a PDF.

•A PowerPoint version of diagrams and answers

•The PowerPoint is 16 slides


How I use this resource :

In class activity- I use this resource to efficiently and accurately teach the subject knowledge. I then get creative to consolidate the learning. I’ve found that the resources help to free up time for application and higher order thinking skills.

Pre-class flipped learning- The majority of students should be able to access the learning in the resource without teacher support. Why not set this as pre-learning so that students can start a lesson from a position of confidence?

Post class homework and consolidation- Likewise, the resources could be used to consolidate on in-class teacher instruction.

To support EAL students- the resources are supported by structured sentences and key vocabulary.

* To support students who benefit from short, structured activities.

* The resource is aimed at students aged 14-16 although it could be suitable for younger/older.

The resources focus on comprehension of key knowledge and processes. They include a mixture of activities including gap fills, definitions, diagrams and questions.


Each worksheet is supported with a PowerPoint that can be displayed in class and includes possible answers.



Urban Problems and Solutions: London