Sectors of Production- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary sectors.





- Describes the characteristics each sector and gives a range of examples.

- A case study of Apple in the quaternary sector.

- A description of changes to the proportion of employment in each sector as a country develops.

- The Geographical skill of plotting on to triangular graphs and a description of the trends shown.

- A mini case study on changing production within Malaysia.


Each resource includes:

- Worksheet with activities.

- Teacher PowerPoint with diagrams and answer key provided directly onto the slides or in notes section of each slide.

- Activate- a starter, an introduction, a stimulus.

Content- The Geographical knowledge- supported by short activities, images, graphs, diagrams.

Review- a plenary, recall activity, AFL, knowledge check.

Useful links- to video clips, websites etc.


What’s included:

• A word document worksheet that includes activities that introduce key terminology, trends over time, the growth of the hi-tech sector and changes within one country.

•The word document is 6 pages. The word document is provided in colour and grayscale.

•This worksheet is also provided as a PDF.

•A PowerPoint version of diagrams and answers

•The PowerPoint is 15 slides


How I use this resource :

In class activity- I use this resource to efficiently and accurately teach the subject knowledge. I then get creative to consolidate the learning. I’ve found that the resources help to free up time for application and higher order thinking skills.

Pre-class flipped learning- The majority of students should be able to access the learning in the resource without teacher support. Why not set this as pre-learning so that students can start a lesson from a position of confidence?

Post class homework and consolidation- Likewise, the resources could be used to consolidate on in-class teacher instruction.

To support EAL students- the resources are supported by structured sentences and key vocabulary.

* To support students who benefit from short, structured activities.

* The resource is aimed at students aged 14-16 although it could be suitable for younger/older.

The resources focus on comprehension of key knowledge and processes. They include a mixture of activities including gap fills, definitions, diagrams and questions.


Each worksheet is supported with a PowerPoint that can be displayed in class and includes possible answers.



Sectors of Production (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary)

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