SAVE $$$ Settlement and Urban Geography BUNDLE- Focusing on settlement patterns, site factors, settlement function, settlement hierarchies, settlement services, urban land use patterns, urbanisation and a range of urban problems and solutions that are taught through a series of contemporary case studies.




This bundle focuses on Settlement and Urban Geography and includes 5 sets of resources:
- Settlement Patterns, Site and Function

- Settlement Hierarchies and Services

- Urban Land Use (Models)

- Urbanization

- Urban Problems and Solutions (including detailed case studies on London, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai)


Resources are:

- FACE TO FACE READY- Word Document/PDF/PowerPoint- printable resources for delivery in the classroom.

- REMOTE READY- Suitable for online digital learning with links to Google Docs and Google Slides that can be directly posted onto Google Classroom. Students can use digital devices to work independently on the activities from home.


Bonus Materials:-

Knowledge organisers

Interactive assessments (Self-marking Google Form, Keyword Quizlet, Multiple Choice Quizizz)

Are your students struggling to write precisely and accurately about Geographical systems, processes, characteristics, and places? This resource aims to develop the knowledge and key terminology required for students to understand and write about their world. It includes step-by-step descriptions that are supported by diagrams. Questions and activities help students to build and consolidate their learning. A PowerPoint answer key allows you to work through the examples with the students.

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This resource focuses on urban geography. It includes diagrams, images, activities and answer